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Gear of the Week: Liberty Double Helix

Liberty introduces stealth rocker to the Double Helix. Skis become sneakily easy to ski.
2011 Double Helix

I’m a big believer in the power of being stealthy. I like dogs that beg under the table, spy movies, and bacon masquerading as dessert. And, in my skis, it turns out I like some secretive rocker.

Mid-season this year Liberty skis introduced what they're calling stealth rocker to their Helix and Double Helix skis, what they say is “a refined rockered tip that still allows the ski to maintain full edge contact with the snow,” which made the skis floaty without being scatterbrained. So, the Double Helix, a ski that one of our ski testers called, “an adept, intuitive powder ski that requires little thought in the deep stuff; just point it and charge,” is even more fun to ride.

On a way-below-freezing day of cat skiing on Jones pass, they handled crusty sunbaked layers almost as well as soft snow, and didn’t get tossed too much on wind screwed sastrugi.

They’re light, responsive, and surprisingly easy to throw around. Sneaky is good. 



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