Gear of the Week: Suunto Quest

New training tool from Suunto lets you plan, track and analyze your workouts whether you train indoors or out.
Gear of the Week: Suunto Quest

These days, kitted out treadmills, stair climbers and stationary bikes can tell you a lot about your cardio session: distance covered, top speed, average speed, cadence, resistance, incline, heart rate, calories burned and then some. But if logging your miles on a machine in a loud, sweaty fitness factory rather than on a quiet, deserted dirt trail betrays your outdoorsy constitution, Suunto's got your covered. The new Quest system, which includes a wrist top computer, heart-rate monitor and foot pod let's you capture all your crucial workout data while enjoying the fresh air and superior views in Mother Nature's gym. (A bike pod is sold separately.) Start by programming your personal settings: age, weight, target heart rate and training mode (running or cycling). Next, attach the chest strap and clip the foot pod to your shoe and pair them wirelessly to the device. Now go. Once you're on the move, you can tap the watch the log laps or intervals, monitor your heart rate in real time and keep track of your cadence, whether on your bike or on foot. When you're done, use the Movestick Mini USB drive to transfer data from the watch to your computer, uplaod it to your online profile at; track and analyze your progress over days, weeks and months; and adjust your training—and recovery—schedule accordingly. If you're not in the best shape of your life this season, you'll have no excuse. $275;


K2 Rictor Thumb

Gear of the Week: K2 Rictor

Rocker technology has trickled down from the fattest powder skis, and will help you navigate everything from hard snow to choppy crud. Check out the K2 Rictor for a versatile ski with "speed terrain" rocker.