GearFinder 2002

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It's all about performance. Sure, you could eke out another year with the same old stuff you've been skiing on. But should you?

The new freeride skis can truly set you free. They float in powder, plow through crud, and dart around trees. They even arc smooth turns on the groomed. Ski on hardpack most of the time? The new carving skis can lay down razor-sharp arcs and make ice nice. Across the board, skis are getting shorter and easier to maneuver.

Boots have become warmer, softer flexing, and more comfortable. They caress your feet as you finesse your skis, communicating your intentions more clearly than ever. New bindings increase your edging power and free your skis to flex without restriction.

Short, soft, and flexible. It's a performance package you shouldn't pass up this year.

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GearFinder 2001

GearFinder 2000