Gearing Up for the Southern Hemisphere

Ski essentials that scored high in versatility and packability on a trip to Portillo

For most, skiing in the summer means traveling across the globe, taking off in 80 degrees and landing squarely in winter. The long-haul and drastic change in climate can prompt skiers to try to pack everything but the kitchen sink. But if you’re traveling halfway around the world to say, Portillo, Chile, you don’t have the luxury of packing your entire closet. Instead, you’ll need to whittle down to a few but worthy pieces that will cover all your bases. Here are some essentials that scored high in versatility and packability on a recent trip to Ski Portillo.


Ski With Kim above Inca Lake at Ski Portillo

Hostess with the Mostest

Ski, drink, soak, dance, repeat at Ski With Kim’s Portillo camp.

Ski With Kim, Portillo

Ski Portillo with Kim Reichhelm

Let the ski pro introduce you to the best of Southern Hemisphere skiing this summer.

The Shadow Campaign Wallmapu

The Shadow Campaign Season V: Wallmapu

DPS Cinematic presents the origins of Chile’s beautiful landscape.


Fly South for Snow

To our friends wishing it was snowy 365 days a year, remember: It's always winter somewhere.

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Editors' Choice Gear 2018

A trip to Chile meant packing all the ski trip essentials. Here are a few of the editors' favorites for a summer ski trip adventure.