Getting in Synch: Getting Started


Start with just two skiers, one behind the other, to get a feel for the dynamics of synchronized skiing.
Add a third skier to form a wing. With a fourth skier, you can create a box or diamond formation.

Pick a groomed, uncrowded slope with a consistent fall line and a grade that is comfortable for the entire group.

Be watchful and respectful of other skiers; don't endanger others so that you can stay in synch.For the group leader

Let the followers know what direction you will be turning first.

Start off slow and easy.

Act like a human metronome, skiing with consistent rhythm.

Telegraph your pole plant; make it obvious and easy to anticipate and follow.

Ski the fall line. Pick a target down the fall line and ski directly at it.For the followers

Always look down the hill at the leader.

Stay "external."

Mimic the pole plant of the leader.

Watch the boots of the skier you are following and pay attention to the edge change.

Keep a soft focus to take in the whole picture.

Maintain a consistent distance from the leader; 15 feet is appropriate for getting started. Too close and you'll find you are always hitting the brakes; too far and the leader is hard to follow. Check out Getting in Synch Check out Getting in Synch: All The Right Moves, Basic Moves Check out Getting in Synch: All The Right Moves, Advanced Moves