GogglePal Brings Augmented Reality to Ski Slopes

The company’s unit tracks vertical drop, speed, pairs with your phone, and attaches seamlessly to any ski goggle.

For skiers that can’t get through a powder day without knowing how fast they went, how much air they got, or how many laps they did, this is for you.

GogglePal, a new augmented reality unit, is a digital heads-up display for your ski goggles. And it’s said to be the first to be universally mountable, meaning it’s removable and works on any pair of goggles.

On the outside of your goggles is a small magnet that doesn’t interfere with field of view, and on the inside is an augmented reality heads-up display. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery pack that clips onto the goggle’s strap and is said to last eight hours.


Why’s it cool? GogglePal has three main marketed functions: Track, Connect, and Burn. It tracks speed, vertical drop, and rotation. It connects the user to friends through an iPhone app via GPS, messaging, and shared games. And it tracks calories burned, time on the mountain, and distance traveled. All without needing to take out your phone.

And to get it all going, GogglePal launched a Kickstarter campaign that, if fully funded, will help get the units to market within the next year. GogglePal’s timeline states that it will be available for purchase and delivered next January to people who pre-order them. The base model is projected to cost $325.