Goggles 2003


Keeping It Small

Specially designed for women, the performance-oriented Carrera Zoom ($65) offers an ideal fit for smaller faces. A lack of vents on the front make it somewhat impractical for helmet users, but its lightweight frame promises extra comfort on long ski days. carrerasport.com

The Quick Change
Anon designed the Halcyon ($110) to fit your face (if it's small to medium-size) and your skiing style so that you don't miss a minute of action. It uses a "speed-release" lens-change system, and once you break it in, it is indeed speedy. Tabs on the top of the frame flip out to remove the lens and then flip back to lock the new one in place, which means no more cracked shields. The adjustable strap-hinge also means it's helmet compatible. Just watch out for fog; the airflow system has not been perfected. anonoptics.com

Goodbye, Fog
We couldn't make these babies fog up. The aerodynamic style of the Uvex F1 Racer ($50) was inspired by motorsports eyewear but includes snowsport-specific features such as vents on the top, bottom and sides of the frame, plus polycarbonate, 18-layer mirror-coated lenses. What the F1 lacks in peripheral vision, it makes up for in vision quality. uvexsports.com

[250AD LEFT]

Attn: Non-Conformists
Bollé took a page out of the swimming-goggles book and created a dual-lens design that's...well, nontraditional. But that doesn't mean the company compromised functionality: The Booga ($50) resists fog better than most goggles, and it is helmet-compatible and surprisingly comfortable. Maybe that's because it's not much bigger than some sunglasses. You can order the Booga with prescription lenses and choose from seven lens colors. bolle.com

Expand Your View
If goggles were windshields, the Scott Source Six ($79-$89) would be fit for a bus. Its field of vision is expansive no matter which direction you look (the flip side is that the large frame dwarfs small faces). A well-designed ventilation system-for example, it has no vents in the lower central part of the frame, which prevents fogging from exhaled air-also helps keep your field of vision clear. scottusa.com