Some Mighty Fine Goggles

Goggles are indeed an essential for a day of skiing. We like these six pairs.

(Left to Right)

Giro Root
The Root’s spherical lens (which is curved to improve peripheral sight) comes with fog- and scratch-resistant technology for clear vision. The fixed outriggers offer ace helmet compatibility—not surprising given Giro’s helmet-making history. [$119;]

POC Lobes
With sleek Swedish design, the Lobes’ enormous lens delivers a wide-ranging view. A fog-fighting sheet of cellulose lines the lens, which is finished with a polycarbonate layer that protects against scratches if you get clotheslined by a branch. [$150;]

Scott Tuxedo
The new Tuxedo graphic dresses up Scott’s time-tested Alias frame. The cylindrical lenses protect your eyes from the glare but also get the job done in low light. Slanted antifog vents keep your view clear. [$100;]

Spy Apollo
The Apollo’s newly designed curved lens adds side vision while maintaining a low profile. Futuristic hinges allow the outriggers to rotate 360 degrees and fit easily around a hat or helmet. The vents built into the goggle’s roof keep snow out. [$220;]

Bollé Fathom
Though the Fathoms can be outfitted with prescription lenses, they’re not as nerdy as they sound. They have a form-fitting, psychedelic frame and an amber lens that helps you see on overcast, flat-light days. [$89;]

Smith Phenom
A plastic buckle on the strap and pivoting outriggers make the Phenom especially helmet-friendly. It comes with vents that open and close to prevent fogging, a flexible, Gumby-like frame, and a spherical lens. [$130;]