Goode Affinity (2012)


Rating: / 5
Price: $1065.00
Year: 2012
Level: 2
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 98
Tip/Tail/Waist: 135-98-125
Lengths: 149

The widest ski in the women's collection is designed for the kind of snow they get near Goode's factory and design center in Ogden, Utah. Goode's wider skis-and women's skis in particular-are built with softer flexes to make them easy to manage. A touch of tip rocker should contribute to the effect, smoothing the ride in rough snow. Goode plans to build even wider and more drastically rockered women's skis for 2013. Construction: wood core with all-carbon-fiber torsion box. Goode made a radical change in its layups for 2012, going with wood, instead of foam, for all of its cores. Testers were greatly impressed by the difference in performance, enjoying the extra heft of wood-core Goodes, which have improved tracking and stability but retain the quickness of carbon-construction.