Goode Plunge (2013)

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Rating: / 5
Price: $1000.00
Year: 2013
Level: 2
Gender: Male
Waist Width: 74
Tip/Tail/Waist: 120-74-104
Lengths: 162, 170, 178

Goode made a radical change in its layups last year, incorporating wood cores instead of foam. Goode keeps one unrockered ski in the line for traditionalists who enjoy the slingshot effect of camber between turns. It's also the least expensive ski in the line; not because it lacks any technology, but because carbon is expensive, and narrower skis cost less to produce. The 74 waist�about as narrow as skis get these days�will be game for the hardest snow. Construction: carbon-fiber reinforced torsion box around a wood core.