Goode Skis 2001-02


Goode Skis 2001-02


Goode has made a name for itself in the ski business, but not in a conventional way. For example, the company's owner, Dave Goode, has become famous for his water skis, which are responsible for both the men's and women's world records in slalom; in fact, Goode skiers swept the top 5 places at last year's water skiing world championships. Further, the company has become the sole supplier of its famous carbon fiber ski poles to Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) heliskiing operations and now is the official pole supplier to Quebec freeskiers Philippe Belanger, Philippe Dion, and Philippe Larose (the "Three Philippes").

The company's wood core snow skis, which Dave Goode says "are not generally distributed through conventional retail channels," feature a special tow carbon material (vs. a woven material), which he says offers a much better strength-to-weight ratio than woven carbon. "Goode skis are half the weight of a normal ski and have twice the properties," he says. Goode skis also have rubber built in to dampen their extremely light feel.

And, unlike most manufacturers, Goode has made it a point of selling directly on the web, where there are significant price advantages to be had. For example, the Excess retails at $890, whereas the Excess on the web (an older version of the same model with a different top sheet material and a slightly less flashy finish) goes for $590.

The mid-fat Extra Versatile sells for $690 retail and is offered at $490 on the web, while the traditionally shaped Exact Flex is offered at $590 at retail and can be found for $390 on the web. Goode says the Exact Flex has been an especially popular ski among telemarkers and randonée skiers, who appreciate the ski's lighter weight.

The Extra Versatile and the Excess come in two flexes-Firm and Soft-and the Exact Flex comes in lengths up to 207.