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GoPro Reinvents the Action Cam, Again

The HERO4 Session is the size of an ice cube and sports a simple design that solves all the problems you've ever had with your GoPro.
gopro hero 4 session

GoPro announced today the release of the new Hero 4 Session. Although not quite the quality of its predecessor, this little cube shaped cam is half the size and 40 percent lighter. You can put this thing just about anywhere: attach it to your bike stokes when you get out the shred the dirt, or strap it on the top of your hand as you paddle down the Grand Canyon. GoPro boasts simplicity in the new design, there’s no screen, no removable battery, and no complex controls (down to two buttons vs. three). Despite the tiny, tiny-ness of it, the Session still takes full HD video and is waterproof out of the box, without bulky housing. Also, ditching the housing solved a problem that GoPro has long been struggling with: the audio. The Session’s two microphones work dynamically together so the sound never gets muffled. They’re also built to drain liquid super fast—like your ears—so the audio sounds good right when the camera comes out of the water. 

The downfalls for skiers will be the sealed battery, you have to charge it up now instead of just popping a new bat in, and the lower resolution camera (the Hero 4 Black and Silver editions take better quality photo and video and shoot better in low light situations). 

The best things come in small packages, right? The Session will retail for $399.00 and is available for purchase on July 12.


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