Gore X-TRAFIT Glove Technology

New glove technology from Gore ensures that when your hand comes out, the liner stays in.

The days of using forceful shoving and ugly words to coax the fingers of your inside-out glove liner back into their appointed slots are over. The new Gore-Tex X-TRAFIT technology bonds a glove’s liner to its waterproof membrane, so all five digits stay put when you remove your hand. Plus, Gore applies its grip tape to the inside of the glove’s shell to prevent movement between the glove’s multiple layers. Read: optimum grip and dexterity from a waterproof, breathable glove. X-TRAFIT technology is available in a number of glove brands this season including Grandoe, Hestra, Kombi, Level, Marmot, Dakine, Burton and Scott.

Here’s a closer look at some of the gloves that feautre Gore’s new X-TRAFIT technology: Dakine Impreza Glove, Dakine Stingray Glove, Scott Bolt Glove, Burton Superpipe Glove