Have it Your Way: Goggles


What to look for

Goggle essentials are a snug fit, fog-fighting vents and lenses that allow for undistorted vision. If you wear a helmet, choose a model with vents in front, as well as a strap that attaches independently from the frame and clips together in back.

1 Briko
Icarus Racing

Attention helmet users: If your goggles pull away from your temples, check out the Icarus. The strap attaches not to the main frame but to an external one that moves independently. The result? A snug fit, with or without a helmet. To battle fog, the Icarus has vents on the top and bottom of the frame, as well as on the front of the lens. One caveat: The Icarus may overwhelm small faces.
800-462-7456, www.brikousa.com

2 Oakley
A Frame

While most companies clamor to introduce new goggles every year, Oakley's sticking with its successful A Frame for the third year running. And for good reason. Its dual lens mimics the curvature of the eye for great peripheral vision, and its top, bottom and front vents force air through the goggle to help prevent fogging. Best for larger faces, the A Frame comes in new colors this season, such as lemon and blue fatigue.
800-403-7449, www.oakley.com

3 Scott USA
High Voltage Six

Borrowing technology from Scott USA's motorsports division, the High Voltage Six is tailor-made for helmeted skiers. Separate side attachments for the strap equal a tight seal, while a raised strip of foam across the top of the goggle fights helmet-induced headaches. Scott's patented venting system¿one of the best around¿helps keep skiers fog-free. The only way this goggle could be more helmet-friendly is to have a strap that clips in back.
800-292-5874, www.scottusa.com

4 Smith

If goggles tend to swallow your face, check out the Anthem. Its small frame offers a sleek look, although its peripheral-vision field isn't as broad as that of some larger-frame models. The Anthem's spherical lens combats distorted vision and has adjustable vents that let skiers control airflow (read: less fog). A clip-buckle strap makes it easy to get on and off, and six glossy frame colors ensure high style.
800-459-4903, www.smithsport.com

5 Uvex
Super Helix

The Super Helix is on the pricey side, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. It's loaded with features: eight front vents, a hard chrome finish and a double, cylindrical lens with a light mirror. The strap clips in back and connects on the side to an independently moving frame attachment, ensuring helmet users a tight seal. The narrow profile is ideal for small faces, and it doesn't hinder peripheral vision.
888-616-8839, www.uvexsports.com

6 Velvet

Velvet's mission is to make eyewear by women, for women. Its first goggle hit the shelves late last season and immediately sold out. The Flurry is made to rest on a woman's cheek bones, not drop below them like many goggles designed with a man's face in mind. It sits farther away from the face than most goggles, partly due to its thick, hypoallergenic foam.
888-786-0333, www.velveteyewear.com (under construction)