Head Adaptedge 100 MYA (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $525.00
Year: 2014
Level: N/A
Gender: Female

Think of this boot as a luxury SUV/mini-van crossover comfort machine. Testers again put this feature-rich all-rounder into the best-of-the-wide group for its friendly demeanor and dreamy fit. The 102mm width is plenty wide, testers said, and the buttery soft liner construction maintains an open fit throughout the lower boot and up into the flared-out calf. There’s lots of room to relax. The cuff is also slightly lower than average, testers noted. That all makes it highly accommodative for women with larger calves. The Adapt Edge bears its namesake technology, the Adaptive Fit feature that reduces the width by two millimeters with a quarter turn of an Allen wrench. It’s a great option for narrower feet to sneak into the boot or a slick way to regain that snug, new boot feel down the road. Double Power buckle levers employ a unique flip-out arm that extends leverage and makes it super easy to close the upper buckles while wearing gloves. Tester Comments: "Good feel for the snow, very tactile. Easy edging and good stance." "Let's get in these Adapt Edge boots and snuggle…oh, I mean, ski."