Head Boots 2001-02

Head Worldcup Ti 97 Superheat

Head Boots 2001-02



The whole top half of Head's boot line is brand spanking new. "Two years ago, we renewed the middle of our line with the Cyber boots, and last year we addressed the bottom with the EZ-On series," says Head director of marketing Jackson Hogen. "This year, there was only one rock left to turn over."

The 11 new high-performance boots of the R-Evolution collection sport a host of innovations, including two new race-level lasts; a new shell plastic, Supertech PU, that Head claims is lighter, more responsive, and less temperature-sensitive; a light-but-rigid sole geometry called X-Frame; a new liner, the SuperHeat3; lever-action Double Power Buckles; a Dynamic Response buckle feature that "maintains a perfect wrap around the foot and leg," according to company literature; spongy ComforToes; and a full complement of cant, flex, spoiler, fit, and buckle adjustments.

Head is confident about the overhaul. "Our boot sales roughly doubled this past year, fueled by innovation, fit, and a proliferation of models, particularly in the EZ-On collection," says Hogen. "This year, we're going to repeat in the higher-performance marketplace."

Racing Series
The narrower of Head's two new R-Evolution race lasts, the N97, has gotten significantly narrower than its predecessor in the forefoot, while the wider model, the M103R, has gotten wider overall, with a lengthened forefoot pocket and more ankle room. The fully tricked-out Ti models come with either foam or SuperHeat liners; the TR models hit lower flex indices and price points.
New: Ti N97 Foam, Ti M103R Foam, Ti N97 SuperHeat, Ti M103R SuperHeat, TR HeatFit, TR HeatFit Lady.

Freeride Series
The FR 10.0 SuperHeat has all the bells and whistles of Head's SuperHeat race boot but with a significantly more forgiving shell and an expanded range of sizes. The second Freedride model emphasizes value.
New: FR 10.0 SuperHeat, FR 9.0 HeatFit.

All-Mountain Series
Three R-Evolution boots replace last year's top Cyber models; the marquee model is the X100 SuperHeat, which has Double Power buckles, a two-position flex adjustment, double canting, and the new liner. The four returning Cyber boots deliver Head's superconvenient Auto Walk mode, which engages as soon as you step out of the binding.
New: X100 SuperHeat, X80 HeatFit, X80 HeatFit Lady.
Modified: Cyber 8.5, Cyber 8.5 Lady, Cyber 7.5, Cyber 7.5 Lady.

EZ-On Series
The EZ-On 10.5 SuperHeat, Head's new flagship beginner-to-intermediate boot, has a slew of high-end add-ons, including the SuperHeat liner and Double Power Buckles. The rest of the EZ-On line returns with various updates.
New: EZ-On 10.5 SuperHeat, EZ-On 10.5 SuperHeat Lady.
Modified: EZ-On 9.5 HeatFit, EZ-On 9.5 HeatFit Lady, EZ-On 8.5, EZ-On 8.5 Lady, EZ-On 7.5, EZ-On 7.5 Lady, EZ-On 6.5, EZ-On 6.5 Lady.