Head Cyclic 115 (2015)


Rating: 2.67 / 5
Price: $800.00
Year: 2015
Level: 4
Gender: Male
Waist Width: 113
Tip/Tail/Waist: 148-113-131 (181)
Lengths: 171, 181, 191

Stability at speed: 2.78 / 5
Hard snow performance: 2.06 / 5
Crud performance: 3.07 / 5
Flotation: 3.28 / 5
Forgiveness: 2.34 / 5
Overall: 2.67 / 5

The Cyclic is a smidge narrower than the 125-mm Turbine, which makes it quicker and a shade more versatile despite the same 19-meter radius sidecut shape. Despite the name, the Cyclic 115 is actually 113 mm wide. Tip and tail rocker give it good flotation in deep snow, but the narrower waist should make it more manageable over a wider range of snow conditions. The four-model non-park Freeski collection features powder-ready skis ranging in waist widths from 124 mm (Turbine) down to 95 mm (Venturi). All of the non-park models feature camber underfoot for hardsnow carvability. Wider skis in the group offer more pronounced tip and tail rocker for added flotation and smeariness in powder. Less rocker is implemented in the narrower models for a more conventional all-terrain feel. To save weight in skis this wide, Head builds all four skis in the group using only fiberglass reinforcement (no metal). All feature Head's Sandwich Cap Construction, which has low sidewalls for positive edging, tempered by a more forgiving cap construction on top. All models also feature TTS, or Tip and Tail Stabilizer System. It's the distinctive exoskeletal structure of the models, which has raised ribs placed to prevent twisting. This allows the thickness of the ski to be reduced at the extremities to reduce swing weight. Rubber is also incorporated into the TTS structure to dampen vibrations and reduce the "tip flap" that can occur with rockered tips. The result? Head says it has positive tip-to-tail edge engagement throughout the turn. Here's what testers say: "It feels 20 centimeters shorter than its actual length. I finally got some sidecut and couldn't use it. It bounced me wherever I wanted to go." - Colin Moffatt "Great in pure pow. Its firm bottom can get slippy and deflective. It's damp and stable, but the tip and tail do weird things with one another." - Dan Withey "I was surprised by the lift and quickness, considering its size. A nice clean feel, but kind of lame graphics." - Andy Beekman "The Cyclic has too much tail. It's short in the tip for a powder ski. Kinda worked me around. It's edgy and grabby on hardpack, and kind of lifeless and uninspiring." - Jeremy Benson