Head i.Supershape Magnum (2016)


Rating: / 5
Price: $1075.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 72
Tip/Tail/Waist: 128-72-106
Lengths: 149,156,163,170,177

The i.Supershape Magnum is a carving-focused ski intended for ripping turns all over the mountain. It has a 128 mm tip and 72 mm waist (at 170 cm), very similar to a World Cup race ski, and a short, 13.1 m radius designed for quick and snappy turns. For something similar but skinnier and even more carving-focused, check out the i.Supershape Speed. And for something similar but slightly more all mountain-focused, check out the i.Supershape Titan and i.Supershape Rally. The Supershape Series specializes in race-like skis designed to perform both inside and outside of the gates. WC Sandwich Cap Construction includes a variety of materials including Graphene (Head says this is "the strongest, lightest and thinnest material known to mankind") and titanal, collectively designed for responsiveness and power. Speed Rocker lifts tips up and off the ground earlier than a traditional ski, intended to initiate turns easier and avoid any hooking. KERS technology stiffens the tail on your way out of each turn, designed to keep edges locked down on the ground instead of getting tossed all over the mountain. Whether you're trying to catch up with Ted Ligety, trying to win your local beer league, or just trying to go make some smooth groomer turns, this might be the best series Head has to offer you. Head, based in Kennelbach, Austria, was founded in 1950. Its U.S. headquarters are in Boulder, Colorado.