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Head Kore 105 (2020)

2020 Unisex Ski Review


Overall Rating 4.02 / 5
Tip / Waist / Tail (in Millimeters) 135/105/125
Lengths (in Centimeters) 162, 171, 180, 189
Radius (in Meters) 17.8
Flotation 4.11 / 5
Quickness / Maneuverability 3.89 / 5
Playfulness 3.89 / 5


Forgiveness 3.5 / 5
Hard Snow Performance 3.83 / 5
Crud Performance 4.44 / 5
Balance of Skills 3.89 / 5
Level Expert
2020 Head Kore 105

The 2020 Head Kore 105.

Men's All-Mountain Wide Review

Don’t let the lightness of the Kore 105 fool you, this is a burly ski designed to crush. With a karuba wood core matched with strategically placed graphene, Koroyd, and carbon, it has all the ingredients to take on the steepest and deepest terrain in the Lower 48, both in bounds and out. The Kore 105 took top marks for stability at speed and crud performance at Taos, just make sure your legs have the same tenacity as these skis. 

STRENGTHS: Stability at Speed, Crud

WEAKNESS: Forgiveness

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Women's Deep Snow Review

Technically a unisex ski—but technically awesome—the Kore 105 comes loaded with the same great tech as the award-winning Kore 99 W in a wider body better suited to storm chasing. Featuring a responsive Karuba wood core reinforced with a graphene-Koroyd-carbon integration, this ski blends quickness, flotation, and stability at speed. [$875, BUY NOW]

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