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Head Mad Trix Binding System

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Conceptually speaking, Head's new Mad Trix System ($950) is the most innovative product of the year, hands down. With a rotating binding that lets skiers choose between two different stances -- Big Air or Big Mountain -- the system essentially amounts to two twin-tipped skis in one. In the Big Mountain position, the binding is set off-center, the way most skis are mounted, and the ski's tip/waist/tail dimensions are 109/75/104 mm, just right for freeskiing. Pull a lever at the binding's toe, spin it around and lock it, and you're in Big Air mode, with the binding -- and you -- centered on the ski. Now the ski's sidecut is reversed (104/75/109 mm), which means when you flip around backward, for switch take-offs and landings, the ski is going forward.