Head Raptor 140 RS (2016)


Rating: / 5
Price: $800.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

You don't fix what ain't broke. And the only thing that ever seems to get broken by the Raptor is the egos of less accomplished skiers who don't have the skills to tap the juice on this perennial powerhouse. The Raptor delivers maximum power to the ski edge. Demand an edge change and it says, "Yes, sir!" It makes dull skis feel sharp. Merely tap your shin to the tongue and the ski shovel bends immediately. It's tight everywhere, but with enough anatomical shape to avoid hot spots. In fact, it's surprisingly comfortable for such a powerful boot. The stance angles are spot-on (the rear spoiler is best removed, testers said). The liner is firm but form-fitting and well matched to the shape of the shell's interior. Head tabs the boot with a 140 flex this year but nothing has really changed from last year's 130 RS. Think of it as a bit of "flex inflation." Anyway, it's adjustable. We tested it in the first pin position (130) and thought that was ridiculously strong. It can also be pinned at two more locations for increasingly stiff flexes (the namesake 140 plus a ridiculously stiff 150).