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Head Vector 100 One HF (2012)

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Rating: / 5
Price: $599.00
Year: 2012
Level: 4
Gender: Female

Easy to get on, with dialed stance angles, a fuzzy warm liner, fat power strap, and cool Spine-Tech buckles—no wonder testers dug this boot. As with the men's Vector, the 100 One's forefoot/toebox fit is roomy, but the ankle/heel fit is snug, and the boot's flex is way tougher than its rating suggests. Notes: 40 mm Velcro powerstrap offers solid closure, dual elliptical cam style cuff adjustment offers maximal stance modifications, Supermacro ratchet top buckle catch offers quick adjustment for wide or skinny calves.


Head Vector 100 One

Head Vector 100 One (2011)

Head gives the more established brands a run for their market share with winners like this. The Vector 100 shines in its combination of comfort and modest performance. The forefoot is cavernous, but where a modicum of snugness is needed for performance—in the ankle/heel area—it’s there. Advanced intermediates and relaxed experts will be set up to succeed.