Head Vector 120 SH4 (2012)


Rating: / 5
Price: $749.00
Year: 2012
Level: 4
Gender: Male

Don't let the 103 mm width fool you. The Vector belongs in the medium width category by virtue of its close-wrap through the bottom of the cuff and good-buddy-hug closure around the ankle and heel. But yes, the forefoot room is impressive! And that's the way we like it here: warm and open in the front, nice and tight in the rearÉand hey, speaking of poker, the Vector skis like a royal flush, beating everything in its path. Notes: Double power booster Velcro powerstrap offers elastomer closure and rebound with pulley-enabled mechanical advantage for enhanced closure, dual elliptical cam style cuff adjustment offers maximal stance modifications, Supermacro ratchet top buckle catch offers quick adjustment for wide or skinny calves.


Head Vector 120

Head Vector 120 (2011)

First: cool buckles. The Spineflex catches look and work like interlinked vertebrae. The flexibility improves the way the boot wraps your foot. Head has established itself as a legit but underrated player in recent years. The Vector 120 is a great example: It’s roomy—a full 103 mm in the forefoot—but grips your foot well. An impressive mix of comfort, performance and quality.