Head Vector Evo 110 W (2016)

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Rating: / 5
Price: $700.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

Head has resolved a couple of fit issues, maintained its skiing power and improved the look in this latest Vector incarnation. Testers were unanimous in their praise. They liked its stunningly good out-of-box fit and the fit-insurance-policy that comes with Form Fit heat moldable shell technology. The boot wraps the foot and leg with well-distributed pressure and just enough plush for a pillow-like feel against the sock. That's backed up by a firm liner construction that held testers in a good skiing position. Testers liked the more relaxed fit in the "cankle" area below the calf and above the heel, where previous Vectors squeezed too many women. Laterally strong, quick and precise, they said, it drove the ski with unflinching precision through crud while also arcing crisp groomers. Testers with bigger calves liked the upright cuff but our more average to slender legged women felt a little spoiler action between the liner and shell would get them where they wanted to be (an easy bootfitter install).