Hey There, Stankfoot.

It's stankfoot season again. Keep your doghouses smelling fresh.
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Actually, let me clarify. Stanky-ass feet are not confined to a particular season for me. I've been known to chase off friends and loved ones during all months of the year with my foot odor. But with temps rising around ski country and spring-touring season approaching, we're entering a particularly fetid time of year. My boot liners are usually soaked within the first few runs, or the first 20 feet of a climb. I've tried all manner of boot-drying techniques and I've lost a lot of dryer kits in my day. But I've just come across what I think is the most compact and effective system yet. It's called the Sidas Hotdryer [$56; conform-able.com]. The numbers below correspond to the numbers on the image. And no cracks about my photoshop skillz, please.

1. These are the dryer units. They're tiny little jobs that you can easily drop into boots or gloves.

2. This is the powercord with adapters for any country in which you happen to be schralping.

3. The cigarette-lighter adapter. Now this might be my favorite part. I've been coaching little racers at Eldora, Colorado, this winter, where it can be brutally cold—East Coast style. My feet are already predisposed to cold because of a few too many frostbite sessions as a kid skiing in Maine. Because these dryers use heat, not just fanned air, I can plug my boots in during the drive up the Canyon from Boulder and have toasty boots by the time I boot up in the parking lot.

4. Ain't this a nice little baggie to keep it all in?

5. 4:00 PM lubrication. Essential.

6. This sticker doesn't come with the kit, but it advertises one of the several bands my coworker Josh plays bass in, and it happened to be on my desk when I took this shot.

Check out the Hotdryer here.


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