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De-burring and Polishing:

1) With a file and a stone included, the SVST Double Duty Side Edge Beveler ($24) is the perfect sharpening and polishing combo if you're short on time.

2) This Single Ceramic Stone ($16) by Spyderco, a knife company, puts a factory shine on your edges after the file and diamond-stone work is done. (Tip: Slip this into your side-edge beveler to keep it from wobbling.)

3) Skip the fine-grit diamond stones in favor of a 200-grit unit like the Diaface Moon Flex Diamond File ($38). It's rugged enough to smooth out the rough cuts and remove burrs left by the file. (Tip: A little spit on the stone keeps it cutting.)

4) A course gray Gummi Stone ($9), like this one by SVST, knocks off burrs and rust before sharpening—and helps detune the tips and tails after sharpening.