How To Ski Different Models: All-Mountain Expert

How to Ski the Models

Remain flexible

All-Mountain Expert skis are made to perform in a broad range of snow and terrain: Ski them in crud, on ice, down steeps and through bumps. You need to perform at the ski's level to appreciate it. Recognize that the ski embodies the best of both worlds, with optimal width and sidecut. Mix up your turn shapes: AME skis can handle long sweeping turns, pivoted short ones and everything in between. Concentrate on flexing, extending and turning with your upper legs while keeping your shins parallel to each other.

Watch Out For

Correct length
AME skis that are too long typically have a stiff flex (stifferthan AMC, but still softer than Race skis), which can make them hard to turn. If they're too short, you'll over-power them, and they won't hold in tricky situations.

Bad tuning
For the best performance, make sure you keep your edges sharp if you ski hardpack snow and burr-free if you ski powder.

Fighting the sidecut
Get to know the "slow part" of the ski (its forebody) and the fast part (its tail). But try to find the ski's sweet spot (near the center) at the start of every turn.
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Sept. 2004