How To Ski the Different Models: All-Mountain Cruiser

How to Ski the Models

Build A Close Relationship

An All-Mountain Cruiser ski wants two things: to stay on edge and to be skied smoothly. Abrupt movements can upset it. AMC skis are designed for versatility, so try a wide variety of turn shapes and sizes. Take them up to speed so you understand their performance envelope. And patience is all-important: Don't muscle an AMC ski. It would rather do the work for you. Stand tall with a narrow stance (feet slightly closer than shoulder-width). Be smooth and fluid. Turn often, minimizing the time you spend on the ski's flat base.

Watch Out For:

AMC skis can be easily overpowered if they're skied too fast or too aggressively.

Tough terrain
Though they're terrific on moderate pitches and in friendly bumps, AMC skis may fail when things get truly gnarly or steep.

Variable snow
An AMC ski will be happiest on groomed, smooth snow. Ice is no problem, just don't venture too far off-piste.
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Sept. 2004