How to Watch a Ski Race : Equipment


>Water (1)

"This should be the first thing you pack," says Dee. "You can go without everything, but if you have water you can stay coherent for days." Hey, you never know.


"If you're not embarrassed, pack all four food groups." Dee usually takes a sandwich, something salty, a thermos of hot soup


and her secret ingredient: dried fruit


. "Never take bananas," she says. "Bananas do not pack well-at all."

>Neoprene pads (4)

Neoprene is a high-grade polymer that provides a buffer between your feet and any snow you may be standing on. "Norway was cold," Dee says of the 1994 Olympics at Lillehammer, where Picabo won a silver in women's downhill. "I was out there for four hours. We looked around and they were all standing on neoprene pads. Norwegians know cold."

>Zip-lock bags (5)

"For your garbage."

>Sunscreen (6)

Dee's favorite? Blue Lizard Suncream.

>Snowshoes (7)

If you need to climb.

>Backpack (8)

"You don't want to have to tie everything around your waist all day," Dee says.