How to Wax Your Skis: Step 4

How to Wax Your Skis


After letting it cool for 20 minutes, scrape off as much of the wax that you just applied as possible. Seem counterintuitive? Your ski bases get dried out from the friction caused by speeding down the mountain. "Think of them like skin, says Lonetto. "When it gets dry, you put moisturizer on it. But you don't want to see a bunch of lotion on your arm. Wax is basically a moisturizer for the base material. You want the wax in the base, not on it.

TIP: Keep your scraper sharp. To do so, lay a sheet of drywall sandpaper flat on your bench. Holding the scraper vertically (a block of wood helps as a guide), rub your scraper against the sandpaper until the edge is square and true.