How Women's Skis Differ

Ski Test 2003

Women-specific skis are the industry buzz. But what makes a women's ski unique? Here are four fundamental design differences:

Softer Flex: Skis are made softer by changing the thickness of the core or the material, such as by removing metal, resulting in a softer flex distribution. Translation: It takes less effort to make the ski bend and carve.

Lighter Construction: Either materials are omitted or cores are made from lighter weight wood and metal. Translation: Skis feel lively and turn easier.

Shorter Lengths: Manufacturers now offer a variety of length options. Translation: Easier to find the right length for your height and ability.

Forward Mounting Position: Skis are designed so bindings can be mounted farther forward (typically 1-2 cm) to accommodate a lower center of gravity and wider pelvis. Translation: Easier to find the sweet spot and stay centered.