Indie SKI Test 2018: The Gallery from Loveland Ski Area

Younger brands and younger testers means even more fun.
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It’s hard to think of a more independent minded ski resort in Colorado than Loveland Ski Area. Despite being surrounded by Epic and Ikon pass resorts, “the Luv” upholds a strong local vibe sympathetic to independent ski areas that are becoming harder to find during the age of Vail Resorts and Alterra Mountain Company. Loveland’s endless hospitality during the Indie Test outshined the great weather and the big smiles testers had all week long. We can’t wait for its new high-speed quad this season to help get us to the goods faster, too.

Similarly, the test’s sponsors came through in a big way. Native Eyewear kept our testers stylish with goggles like the DropZone, Gordini Gloves kept their digits warm with gloves like the AERIE, Buff kept necks and faces protected with their multifunctional headwear, and Sufferfest Beer kept everyone happily buzzed after long days of testing.

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Finally, a test without the testers would hardly be a test at all, so we owe thanks to their endless stokage and enthusiasm to ski, judge, and rank each ski’s best traits. Testers: Todd Casey, Michelle Connacher, Xanthe Demas, Shane Fuhrman, Renée Geary, Jessi Hackett, Jon Jay, Nick Loomans, Rachel Ryan, Stephen Sebestyen, Jon Sexauer, Rex Wehrman, and Jenny Wiegand.