Indo Board: A Fun Cross-Trainer

Skiing is Hip

Boulder, CO, Oct. 10, 2001--Ever since the first humans made it down a snowy mountainside on a pair of skis, skiers have dreaded the off-season. Now, thanks to the Indo Board, skiers have a way to keep their coordination skills from getting as rusty as the edges of skis in the garage.

Envisioned by the company's founder as a way to practice surfing on dry land, the Indo Board is not as easy to ride as it looks. In fact, teenage surfer Hunter Joslin landed hard on his back when trying to balance himself on the first prototype in 1965. Indo Board's web site claims that most people can learn the basics in about fifteen minutes. I wasn't part of that average group. Perhaps I failed to heed the manufacture's warnings--I had neither a spotter to help me learn how to keep my balance on the board, nor a six-foot area to ride in. When I slipped off the board I hit the floor with my rib cage and only narrowly missed the corner of my desk. Later, (with the help of a spotter and thicker carpet to help control the speed of the roller) I was able to at least maintain balance and feel my quads start to burn.

This fun training tool that can humble the most accomplished skiers. Wakeboarders, skateboarders, surfers, and snowboarders fair best on the board. The web site claims the board is a valuable tool for everything from field hockey to water-skiing.

The Indo Board comes in a number of variations. I tried the Original Indo Board, but other designs include the Pro and Kicktail models for pro riders to hone their grab and ollieing skills. For an extra ten bucks the Original Indo Board is available with black, green, blue, and orange graphics.

Original Indo Board
Price: $99.95
Contact: 321.724.6823,