Intern Report: I’m in Love with a Pair of Skis

We hooked up one of our interns with a new pair of K2 Pinnacle 95s, and he won’t stop talking about them.
Intern Connor Davis testing the 2015 K2 Pinnacle 95

Being the gear-crazed intern that I am, I talked my way onto a pair of K2 Pinnacle 95s back in February. It’s a brand new ski from K2 coming out for the 2015-16 season. My verdict? From deep powder to spring corn in Colorado, to sheer ice in Vermont, every single turn I’ve made on it has been a total blast.

Living in Colorado, I’m usually on wide powder skis, but, while I hate to admit it, not everyday is a powder day. In fact, I sometimes miss being on race skis like my old gate-bashin’ days. But the Pinnacle 95 has the best of both worlds. Its big 132-mm tip floated over fresh snow and busted through crud, while its mid-width 95-mm waist ripped super smooth turns on hardpack. The skis’ tips engaged the turn and carried the energy underfoot for a powerful finish without any chatter—no matter what conditions I skied.

And, despite the Pinnacle’s versatility and power, it’s by far the lightest ski I’ve ever skied. The only wood and metal it contains is on top of the edges while the center of the ski is built with a super-light core that makes the ski easy to maneuver both on the ground and in the air.

Simply put, this is a trustworthy all-mountain ski that makes me giddy to use every day, and I can’t wait to hop back on it once the snow starts falling again.



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