It's the Little Things: Goggles

It's the Little Things: Goggles

This season, the goggle market is a control-freak's dream, with features that let skiers easily adjust airflow, lens color and helmet compatibility. In addition, goggles perform better than ever: Advanced venting systems fight fog; high-tech lenses yield better vision; and new designs improve sightlines-all without sacrificing style.

When You Buy Look for a snug fit without pressure points and lenses that won't easily fog or scratch. If you wear a helmet, the goggles should have vents in front as well as on top to avoid fogging. If you ski in a variety of light conditions, choose goggles with interchangeable color lenses. And remember: Price often reflects lens quality. You'll pay more for polarized and poly-carbonate lenses, because they cut glare and offer better impact protection.

Scoop Blizzard $70-$95
The Scoop Blizzard's venting system pulls cool air in and forces moist air out, so the lens stays fog-free. A foam padding wicks moisture away from the face; eye-catching colors add style.

A Frame $85-$120
The A Frame cradles your face with a triple-layer foam cushion, while aggressive top and front vents keep the air flowing. Its Polaric Ellipsoid lens mimics the curvature of the human eye for clear peripheral vision.

Contour $50-$70
Bollé goes ultra high-tech with the Contour. Its dual-spherical lenses are set farther away from the face to reduce fogging. A breathable vent is placed between the lens layers to prevent distorted vision.

Vistaz $68
The Vistaz gives skiers the big-picture view, offering the widest field of vision of the goggles we tried. Mixed front and top venting and a strap that buckles make it ideal for helmet use.

Alpha $77-$99
The Alpha can handle both bright and flat light, thanks to a two-layer lens that changes color with the light. It mixes front and top venting to battle fog, even with a helmet.

Triad Regulator $85-$105
These goggles owe their unique styling to Smith's Outrigger Positioning System, which transfers pressure evenly across the brow for a comfortable fit, especially with a helmet. Adjustable vents let skiers control airflow.