Jeremy Bloom

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With 165 pounds of muscle packed on a 5-foot, 9-inch frame, Jeremy Bloom lives life large. At age 20, he is already a World Cup mogul champion, an Olympian, a Tommy Hilfiger model, a promising TV personality and now a star-in-the-making for the nationally ranked University of Colorado football team. In his first collegiate punt return before 75,000 screaming fans, Bloom danced 75 yards past players twice his size for a touchdown (shown below). That doesn't mean life is an easy street. This past summer, he took the NCAA to court in hopes that he could pursue his skiing career-complete with endorsement deals that are banned by the NCAA-while also playing football. He lost the case, dropped the lucrative endorsements and decided to concentrate on football-while also vowing to return to the slopes.


Most painful memory: A crash in the moguls or a hit on the field?


Moguls. It was in my second-ever World Cup in Heavenly, Calif., and it was cold and icy. I was going way too fast off the bottom air, and my skis shot out in front of my body. I was about 20 feet up in the air, completely horizontal. I landed right on my back. I went to the hospital with internal bleeding, a bruised spine, lacerations on my kidney and spleen-and a severely ruptured ego.

SKI Ouch. Was that tougher than butting heads with the NCAA?
JB The hardest thing about challenging the NCAA in court was the fact that I had to put my future in other people's hands. I have always felt like I had total control of accomplishing my goals.
SKI How do you think Jonny Moseley would take a hit across the middle? Would he hang on to the ball?

JB Haa! Yeah, I think he would. I've seen Moseley take some nasty falls. Last year, when we were in South America training, every time I would look over he was landing on his head trying that "Dinner Roll." But he always got up and tried it again. At the time, I thought he was really stupid, but after watching him not miss one question on Weakest Link, he proved me wrong.

SKI What would be bigger: Olympic gold in 2006 or a Heisman Trophy?

JB Definitely gold in 2006. There would be no greater thrill than to know that not only did I win, but I won for my country.

SKI We've heard that strength training with the CU Buffs helped get you in the best shape of your life. True?

JB Very true. It wasn't until I worked out with the CU football team that my definition of hard work changed forever.

SKI You're a model, a football star, a world champion skier. Do you have a steady girlfriend?

JB I'm a freshman in college at one of the biggest party schools in the nation. What was the question? Oh yeah, I don't have a girlfriend.

SKI Any advice for kids who want to follow you and play two sports at the highest level?

JB I would tell them what my parents always told me: "You can accomplish anything in this world if you put your mind to it."