Julia Mancuso Signs with Volkl

There's a reason Olympic ski racer Julia Mancuso switched to Volkl Skis this week: They make fast, stable skis. We tested some of next year’s Volkl skis for women, including the Kenja, the Kiku, and the Fuego—see the reviews here. And if they're good enough for Julia, they're good enough for us. By Katie Matteson.


Fuego (2010)

People's Ski Test 2010, Volkl

Given the conditions (hardpack), the Gotamas, Mantras and Katanas and Kikus mostly stayed in the rack. Folks were more interested in the narrower waists. We had some racers in the house, as evidenced by the cards we got on the Racetiger competition boards. But the ACs (AC50 and AC30) were the most popular test models, followed by the narrower, racier Tigersharks(11 Foot, 10 Foot and 8 Foot). On the women’s side, the Fuego and Aurora were the most-tested. If citizen testers vote with their feet—testing the brands they think they like best—then Volkl was the top vote-getter. Among skis that got enough test runs for a valid result, here are the rankings:

Men's Freeride Skis 2010: thumb

M's Freeride Skis: 2010

Once the weapon of Westerners, midfats can now conquer East Coast ice, too. So no matter your locale, if soft snow is your specialty but you dabble in the groomed, these skis are for you.

Test Roster: 2010

M's Intermediate Skis: 2010

This is your year for a breakthrough, and these are the skis that will show you the way. Gentle and easygoing, yet strong enough to guide you, they bring out your best and forgive your worst. They will make you better—now.