Junior Skis 2003: Little Rippers


Running a ski test isn’t easy. Starting in March, 60 pairs of junior skis arrive, needing to be sorted, categorized, cataloged, then groupedaccording to discipline, brand and size. One company sends 13 pairs; another just one. Some have lifters, some don’t. Some don’t even have bindings. By test time, my head is spinning, so I can imagine what you-a kid or a parent buying skis-are feeling. Let us help you figure it out. Again this year, we used 15 racers from the Green Mountain Valley School Ski Club as testers, chosen not only for their ability to ski, but also their ability to discern and communicate the differences between models. Each day they tested a different category, taking a run on every ski. They filled out test cards rating the skis on factors like long-turn carving, short-turn quickness and stability. In the afternoon, we talked about the category overall, picked our favorites and explained why. Then I read theresults, crunched the numbers and wrote up the skis we liked best.(Reviews appear in order of tester preference.) In other words, we did the work, so that you’ll be equipped to tackle your local ski shop. Enjoy.

[250AD CENTER]Note: Dimensions are tip-waist-tail, in mm; lengths are in cm; price is MSRP.

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