K2 Pinnacle 110 HV (2016)


Rating: / 5
Price: $750.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

The 110 is slightly shorter, slightly chubbier and slightly softer than the Pinnacle 130 version. Emphasis on the word "slightly." On-hill, testers said it doesn't really lack much in comparison to the flagship model other than some macho-man stiffness and the convenient quick-release hook on the Powerbuckle power strap (which is, admittedly, a nice touch). But it is priced $100 lower. So for good skiers who have an average to somewhat wider foot and don't have the weight or ego issues that demand a 130 flex, testers said it's a likely match. The cuff rides a touch lower on the leg, they felt, so it's particularly good for shorter and younger skiers or guys with thicker calves that don't like a tall cuff climbing up their leg. The two-sided cuff adjustment mechanism is an interesting, turducken-style affair with a screw inside a skinny oval bushing inside a fat oval bushing. Flip the plastic oval bushings into different orientations to move the cuff in or out. It does a terrific job of maintaining a super solid attachment between upper cuff and lower boot.