K2 Recon 130 MV (2019)

2019 Men's All-Mountain Utility Ski Boot
Recon 130 MV
Price $750.00


Last Width (in Millimeters) 100
Flex 130


Number of Buckles 4
Gender Male

Gear of the Year 2019

Gear of the Year Logo 2019

The fully heat-moldable, lightweight Recon is easy to custom fit and performs exceptionally well on the hill. The shell is built with four different durometers of plastic that keep the harder materials beneath the foot and in the power spine, but softer materials in places that accommodate easy entry and exit. It’s a breeze to get on during cold mornings, slips off as if it knows you need to get to après in a hurry, and handles every type of terrain like a champ. The Recon is a true step forward in K2’s boot offerings.

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Gear Guide 2019 - BEST IN TEST and BEST VALUE

A huge step forward from K2, the Recon has a lively energy on slope and is incredibly light, which nudges it just above the rest. The secret sauce is in the shell, which has four different durometers of polyurethane (PU) with the stiffest PU in the shell’s power spine and the chassis underfoot. Paired with a thermo-moldable liner, the Recon’s performance eked out just above the legacy boot brands. 

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