K2 Spyne 130 HV (2016)


Rating: / 5
Price: $800.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

K2 targets the Spyne 130 HV (High Volume) for hefty feet. (Those with slimmer feet will prefer its medium-width brother, Spyne 130.) Though it's built for roominess, the 130 HV is fully capable of all-mountain destruction. It's wide enough to feel different from the 100-mm-lasted K2's, but just barely. Testers described it as being one of the narrowest of the wide-last group. They loved the fit, flex pattern and winning combination of quick-turn agility with haymaker power in fast arcs. The fit of the lower shell opens up somewhat after a full cook job of its Intuition liner, but the Spyne 130 HV is a big-guy boot more than it is a big-foot boot. Medium width feet will be plenty happy here. And for good skiers who traditionally go narrow but just don't want the bootfitting hassles this time around, here's a solution. It skis like a narrow, fits (almost) like a wide.