Kastle C03


1998 Aspiring Carver-Silver Medal Winner

Size: 160-190 cm
Price: $325
Details: One of the biggest concerns of intermediate skiers is hard or uneven snow. The Kästle C03 handles it. "This ski has a solid grip underfoot," said Carmichael, "and it gives you nice tip float in crud." So you can maneuver confidently, Kästle gave the C03 a relatively wide 64 mm waist. And since the ski has a lightweight, polyurethane sandwich construction that ends in a wide-ish 99-mm tip, you won't have to struggle to complete the turn. "An energetic, easy turner from edge to edge," said Moscarella.

Positives: Handles hard and soft snow with equal ease
Negatives: Tends to sink in the heavy stuff