Kastle MX74 (2017)


Rating: / 5
Price: $1299.00
Year: 2017
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 74
Tip/Tail/Waist: 124-74-103
Lengths: 148, 156, 164, 172, 180

The MX74 is the narrowest and quickest model in the Kastle's MX collection of trail-oriented all-mountain skis. With its 74-mm waist width, it's designed for maximum edge grip on the type of snow Eastern and Midwestern skiers are likely to encounter. New this year, it's offered in a 148-cm length appropriate to many women. Kastle's MX series features skis designed for high-performance frontside skiing, with models aimed at skiers who spend most of their time on groomed terrain, and waist widths ranging from 74 to 89 mm. (Kastle's LX series features lighter, more forgiving groomed-snow cruisers; the FX series features wider, freeride-oriented models for equal duty on- and off-trail.) All MX models have flat, square Fast Grip tails, designed for strong turn finishes and maximum rebound across the fall line. Full traditional camber ensures maximum rebound energy from turn to turn and positive edge-engagement from tip to tail, for locked-in carving and positive edge grip on hard snow. All MX models are laminate constructions built on full wood cores (ash and fir), with vertical sidewalls for sturdy edge grip and metal reinforcement above and below the core for durability, dampness at high speeds, and maximum torsional rigidity (twist resistance). The Hollowtech tip is a Kastle signature: All but a thin translucent layer is removed from an egg-shaped cutout in the tip. This reduces swing weight, and because there's less mass, tip vibration is reduced, so the ski is quieter on the snow and hooks up into a carved turn more readily. Kastle's Elliptical Radius sidecut is progressively tighter tip and tail, for quick turn initiations and strong finishes. MX models are sold four different ways: flat (no binding); with 16-DIN binding (Kastle-branded bindings are built by Tyrolia); with 12-DIN binding; or "Premium" (12-DIN binding on a performance-enhancing plate that adds dampness, stiffness, and elevated stand-height for extra leverage over the edge.) K