Kastle XX80 Colby (2013)

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Price: $599.00
Year: 2013
Level: 3
Gender: Male
Waist Width: 80
Tip/Tail/Waist: 111-80-111
Lengths: 160, 170, 180

The XX80 Colby is the competition twintip of choice for Kastle-sponsored park-and-pipe athlete Colby James West. Interestingly, the Colby is the only ski in the new XX collection with traditional camber, better for generating speed and amplitude in the pipe, etc. The XX series is built around West, who participated in its design. It represents Kastle's first real foray into the newschool world. There are three models--called Colby, James, and West--with waist widths of 80, 90, and 110. They're all wood-core, metal-free, vertical-sidewall laminate constructions. All have symmetrical sidecut and are center-mount-ready. Both tips on all Colby James West skis feature Hollowtech technology, which is a Kastle signature: All but a thin translucent layer of glass is removed from an egg-shaped section of the tip. This reduces swing weight, and because there's less mass, tip vibration is reduced, both in amplitude and duration, so the ski is quieter on the snow and the edges are locked into the snow sooner and longer. Kastle this year increased the size of the Hollowtech oval and says it now cuts up to 15 percent from the weight of the shovel.