Kildow Wins Aspen Super Series


Aspen, CO, Nov. 26, 2000--Some people don't have faith in superstitions, but belief really paid off for U.S. Ski Team member Lindsey C. Kildow (Vail, CO) Sunday as she won a Chevy Truck Super Series super G race on Ajax Mountain.

The race will be broadcast by Outdoor Life Network March 1 at 9 p.m. EST.

Kildow mastered the bottom section of Ruthie's Run, a feat no other racer could accomplish, to win with a time of 1:40.02. Canadian Anna Prchal was second in 1:40.06 and U.S. skier Libby Ludlow (Bellevue, WA) took third in 1:40.15.

Kildow makes it a point to read her horoscope prior to racing, but she didn't get around to doing it Saturday before a World Cup slalomrace at the Chevy Truck Aspen Winternational. Her result - she skied off course and failed to finish the race, also heldon Ruthie's Run.

There was no way Kildow wasn't going to check out her horoscope going into today's race. It read "Discovery is agood thing if you work for it." Her result - the first Super Series victory of her career and a winner's check for $1500.

"I discovered that I'm an awesome super G skier and I worked really hard for it," said the 16 year-old Kildow.

Kildow, who started 15th out of 53 racers, sat in the stands after her run and watched as racer after racer came downand posted second intermediate times that had them in the lead. However, nobody could match Kildow'sperformance on the bottom section.

"I went pretty straight (on the bottom section)," said Kildow. "I just let my skis run but I held my edge and I just linkedall my turns up together."

"I think she (Kildow) spent a lot of time doing a really good inspection," said U.S. Team coach Frank Kelble. "Sheknew where she was going and I think one thing that helped out quite a bit was that she was really smart right beforethe finish. She straightened the line out in the last couple of gates and a lot of girls didn't do that."

The course featured a little bit of everything, including many technical turns, steeps and flats.

"It (the course) was awesome," said Ludlow, whose third place finish was also the best Super Series finish of hercareer. "It was really turny, especially compared to the World Cup, but it was in great condition and it was my style soI liked it a lot."

"The course was turny and technical and steep and flat - it was all of the above," said Kildow. "The top was reallyturny and if you set up and had a good line, you carried speed onto the flats. Coming onto the second pitch, which isreally steep, there's a big under gate and it's really hard."

In addition to a medal and the winner's check, Kildow also received a new ski rack. It will come in handy soon as sheplans to put her winnings towards a new car.

The top-three finishers were followed by a trio of Austrians who all crossed the finish line within .05 seconds of eachother. The next American was Sarah Schleper (Vail, CO), who finished 11th with a time of 1:40.83. Schleper wascoming off a 12th place finish in Saturday's World Cup slalom.

The Chevy Truck Super Series at Aspen concludes Monday with another super G scheduled to start at 10 a.m. onAjax.