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Killington Ski School

Turning Points

Killington Ski School

Killington, Vt.

WHY IT'S GREAT Killington defies jokes about being the last stop on the New York subway system and a "factory" for novice skiers. Famous for its long season, fine terrain and excellent snowmaking, Killington has always marched to its own instructional drum and was among the first to experiment with alternative equipment and teaching delivery. Here, ski school is called "The Fun Department," the "ski week" has been elevated to an art form and instructors affectionately refer to multi-day guests as "squeakers." Killington was among the first to employ the Graduated Length Method (GLM), in which students graduate from very short to longer and longer skis. Its school has developed thousands of life-long skiers.

SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY "To develop a specific Killington curriculum that focuses and builds on students' strengths, rather than attack their weaknesses." Distinguishing Qualities Twenty-five years ago, Killington made instruction central to its overall marketing scheme. It was the first ski resort to commit large areas of terrain to teaching, build specialized facilities and develop training resources to streamline the learning process. That commitment continues.

LEADER Kevin Anderson, Director

WHAT'S TAUGHT Perfect Turn, a sound and closely scripted teaching method wherein instructors are encouraged to use consistent language and "learning pathways" to achieve well-defined goals.

A GOOD DEAL The Discovery Program, based on GLM, gets new skiers off and running fast. Offered every day from mid-November to Mid-April. Cost: $60 a day, including instruction, lift ticket and equipment.