Kneissl Skis 2001-02


Kneissl Skis 2001-02


Kneissl, the company that invented the super-sidecut ski and the skiboard, launches its ski collection for 2001-2002 with a new distribution company headed up by Scott Mellin, all new skis, and a new commitment to building a consumer franchise. Known for innovation, Kneissl offers what it calls an exclusive new base tuning technology called Profile Tuning. Developed by Wintersteiger and the Austrian Ski Team, Profile Tuning utilizes three individual diamonds to dress the stone and creates three individual structures in a single pass, allowing the ski to turn easier and run faster.

The 2001-2002 collection consists of three "high-performance" skis, two freeride models and a new skiboard. The White Star high-performance group utilizes Kneissl's exclusive Power X-Wave dampening and torsion control system, Profile Tuning, all-new constructions and graphics. The SupaFly and Ergocross freeride skis offer twin-tip all-mountain performance with wide platforms and trend-setting graphics. The Gravity X skiboard utilizes Kneissl's Power X-Wave technology and a new high-performance plate under the binding system. Kneissl says it is targeting specialty high-end distribution outlets with a focus on service and profit. New: White Star M1X, White Star S1X, White Star M3X, SupaFly, Ergo Cross, Gravity X (skiboard).