Kwik Boot Dryers


Boulder, CO, Nov. 15, 2001–There is nothing better than a ski day that makes you sweat so much your ski boots are soggy and smelly by last chair. Nothing is worse than getting into those same boots the next morning. Homegrown solutions often cause more harm than good (leaving your boots near a heater can cause the shell of your boots to change shape). The new Kwik 2-Pair and 4-Pair wall-mounted boot dryers are a safe permanent solution to soggy sole woes.

Buy the 2-pair version for you and your mate or the 4-pair version for the entire family. Whether you own a condo at Vail or dozens of rental shops in Vermont the Kwik wall mounted boot dryers are great for making sure that you start every day dry and fresh.

The drying process takes about 20-30 minutes but each dryer comes with a built in 1-hour timer. The 2-Pair version costs $599.95 and the 4-Pair version costs $699.95.

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