Lange Exclusive RX 100 (2013)

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Rating: / 5
Price: $650.00
Year: 2013
Level: 2
Gender: Female

The Exclusive RX 100 delighted testers again this year. They continued to be pleased by better-than-expected output from the advertised 100-flex power plant. A lot of that stems from its stout backbone, but the RX also stands firm in the front, even when taking hard hits administered at speed. Whether easy cruising or aggro-charging, the boot happily performed. "Fun all over the mountain. A very user-friendly Lange." Notes: Polyether lower and polyurethane upper maximize strength and dampness, along with a rubberized bootboard and Ultra Grip replaceable soles for impact mitigation. 40 mm Elastic power strap, upper cuff adjustment and rear spoiler on a Control Fit Thinsulate liner comprise the basic features package.