Lange RS 140 (2016)

2016 Lange RS 140

Rating: / 5
Price: $900.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

As it is on the World Cup, Lange is well represented on our boot test podium with the RS 140. It's ridiculously easy to ski blindingly fast, carve pure arcs across rock hard surfaces, and crank short-radius turns as quick as can be desired. Testers said the boot was up to any task, no matter what pitch or snow surface they encountered. The shell is unchanged from past versions, but the lace-up liner has been modified with a slightly thicker and denser foam and flow-cork moldability. That creates a more contained fit, filling in the gaps between shell and foot without creating excess bulk. The up-front fit is relaxed; testers noted a fair amount of toe room and forefoot freedom, especially given how shrink-wrapped the fit felt elsewhere. The comfort and toe wiggle room belie the power and precision of the RS's on-snow game.